Here is a 1 minute introduction to Suzanne and her work. Find the brainwave patterns of Stewart Alexander and Nicole de Haas on the website of the author of the book Surviving Death: Leslie Kean 

Suzanne had a wonderful talk with Anthony Harris, grandson of the great Alec Harris (physical Medium) and she asked him about Buddhism, Mediumship and training the Mind. Topics that they are both very passionate about. We are sure you will enjoy listening to it!

July 2020 - Suzanne Tempel, co-founder of the Phoenix Fellowship, talking with Sally Barnes and Libby Clark about mediumship development, personal development and sharing personal stories. Very interesting!

Suzanne had a wonderful interview with Mia Ottoson and John Johnson. Both teachers talk about how they came into spiritualism, about their own development and what they believe has been important in their development. 
July 2020 - Nicole de Haas, co-founder of the Phoenix Fellowship, interviewing world famous Physical Medium David Thompson. David shares knowledge, insights and a bit of his background in mediumship as well as an important message. Must watch!