The Meditative state

ONLINE TRAINING / Start April 2021

Course organiser: Suzanne Tempel


This training is based on the Awakened Mind method. The research of professor Cade (founder) of the different states of consciousness is at the basis of this method.


There are 8 recorded sessions and 8 live training sessions. That means you can ask questions and get direct feedback.


The training is suitable for newcomers and inexperienced participants. You will receive tips and training on an individual level. Every exercise can be adapted to your level of development. So even if you have meditated and you are just curious, you can still register.


You don’t have to learn whole theories nor techniques or to sit in any uncomfortable position. The structure and the exercises are designed according to the Awakened Mind method and this can be applied very individually. The online training is simply a very practical training and completely focused on your development.


The training is, and will remain, an online training. All exercises are designed according to the Awakened Mind method and designed for the use in an online environment. This is by no means a ‘not so bad alternative’ for group Meditation training on location. This is a totally different way of training.

The details of the training


  • You will gain insight into what the meditative state exactly is
  • Insight into the pathway to it.
  • Learn the specific steps we need to take.

Log in and you learn in your own time and pace.

* 8 LIVE ZOOM SESSIONS (see dates below)

  • You will receive 8 scheduled Zoom 1 hour training sessions with Awakened Mind Trainer Suzanne Tempel. That means you can ask questions and get direct feedback from Suzanne.


Everyone is welcome. Online training gives everyone in world the opportunity to join. This is the reason the lessons will be in English. The level of English spoken will be easy to follow for most people.


We use Zoom and the online training platform.


The total for the whole course is € 229,-


Times convenient for USA & EU

Saturday 16.00 PM – 17.00 PM (CET/ Amsterdam time zone)


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Dates for the live sessions: 

Apr 10 / May 1, 8, 22 / June 12, 26 / July 3, 10

Note: the live zoom sessions will be recorded but are meant for you to be there live at 16.00 PM CET (Amsterdam)

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