ONLINE year training (AMM)

ONLINE YEAR TRAINING / Start 26th March or 2nd of May 2021

Course organiser: Suzanne Tempel

Unique basis

This Awaking Mediumship Method™ is based on a unique perspective. The research and the knowledge about states of consciousness and the development phases of mediums are at the basis of this method. Never before has there been a mediumship development method with a scientific background like this one.

This is not just another course where you will learn how to use your Mediumship. You will actually train different things in a different way. For instance, 40% of the exercises will have nothing to do with the standard Mediumship exercises. In fact, they will have nothing to do with Mediumship at all: you will not be ‘reading’ anyone or make contact. The AMMethod is absolutely revolutionary in that way.

This is why, if you already have some experience, you need to be able to keep an open mind. Because sometimes we need to go back one or two steps, and train what we have missed, in order to progress.


You don’t have to learn whole theories. During the online training, the method itself is not explained in detail. That is not necessary. The structure and the exercises are designed according to this method and this can be applied very individually. The online training is simply a very practical training and completely focused on your mediumship development.


The training is, and will remain, an online training. All exercises are designed according to the Awaking Mediumship Method and designed for the use in an online environment. This is by no means a ‘not so bad alternative’ for group training on location. This is a totally different way of training.

The training is suitable for newcomers and inexperienced participants. You will receive tips and training on an individual level. Every exercise can be adapted to your level of development. So even if you have never done anything with mediumship and you are just curious, you can still register. 

The details of the year training with the Awaking Mediumship Method

20 lessons or 10 lessons (the intensive course) in 2021

This training is the whole year round. It’s always on the same day and at the same time. Only in case of unforeseen circumstances the training can be moved to an other day.

Join any time

Although it’s preferred that you join the group at the beginning of each year, you can sign up any time. That is as long as the maximum amount of participants has not been reached. When you begin after the course has started you will only pay for the remaining lessons.


Everyone is welcome. Online training gives everyone in world the opportunity to join. This is the reason the lessons will be in English. The level of English spoken will be easy to follow for most people.


We use Zoom and the online training platform.


The total for the whole course is € 289,-


Times convenient for USA & EU

Sunday 15.30 PM – 18.30 PM (CET/ Amsterdam time zone)

START 2nd of MAY

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10 Sessions of 3 hours (intensive route)

May 2 & 23 / June 27 / Sept 5 &12 / Oct 3 & 24 / Nov 21 / Dec 5 & 12

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Times convenient for Australia & EU

Friday 10.00 AM – 11.30 AM (CET /Amsterdam -time zone)  ** only few spots available**


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20 Sessions of 1,5 hours

March 26 / Apr 9, 16, 30 / May 7, 14, 21 / June 11, 25 / July 2 / Aug 27 / Sept 3, 10 / Oct 1, 15, 22 / Nov 5, 19 / Dec 3, 10 

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