Music and Mediumship

Music and Mediumship (10th of July) Day workshop

Tutor: Nicole de Haas

In this workshop “ Music and Mediumship” we use and experience music as a wonderful tool in working with the Spirit World. I will provide creative exercises for you to experience and discover the many aspects of it. Not only will there be room for music and the inspirational part of mediumship and the influence on your own energy. Also we will have a look what music can do for you in working in a more evi dential way in your mediumship on a psychic or mediumistic level, and to explore how much information there is in one song.

The Spirit World loves working with music and if we open ourselves up to this possibility, we give ourselves the opportunity to enhance our mediumship in a fun, light and creative way as music is the language of the soul.

Course: 9.30-18.00 hours

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