The venues

The Ehzerwold Estate - Holland

Ehzerwold is a great place to stay and to explore the many facets of Holland this area has to offer. The city of Zutphen is close by and is one of the oldest places in Holland (Hanseatic city). The surroundings are wonderful so it’s always possible to extend your stay and book some extra nights.

When you visit Ehzerwold Estate:

  • You will eat at the beautiful restaurant and all meals will be presented buffet style. The kitchen will do their very best to meet your needs in case of a diet.
  • It’s possible to explore the area and to arrive earlier or stay longer. Extra nights need to be booked directly with Ehzerwold.
  • A tour will be provided if the program allows (free of choice).

Airport Transfer

  • On week courses transfer from and to the airport can be arranged if you wish so. These are not included and will be organized by a third party. The transfer fee is €35,- per person (one way). If you wish to use the transfer options please let us know (option on the booking form).
  • The transfer departs from Schiphol on Sunday afternoon at 16.00 hours and departs for Schiphol on Friday at 15.30 hours.
  • It is possible to take public transport from Schiphol (train) and many other places in Holland to Zutphen. You can easily take a taxi from the Zutphen train station to Ehzerwold. Or if you wish to take the bus from or to Zutphen train station, the bus stop is directly in front of the Estate. There is no bus service on Sundays.
  • There is plenty of parking space on the grounds and parking is free during the stay.

We hope to welcome you to this beautiful place where you will feel at home and build great memories with each other in love and friendship.

Sardinia Monastery - Italy

This beautiful monastery will be your home. A place with a breath-taking sea view and wonderful energy. Sardinia is known for its powerful and spiritual energy on the island.  The monastery is a place of tranquillity and peace. The beach and the sea are literally just a few moments away.

There is a possibility to book extra nights at the monastery. These extra nights (prior to the retreat or after the retreat) need to be booked directly through the organizer (option on the booking form).

When you visit the Monastery:

  • Transfers from and to the airport can be arranged if you wish so (option on the booking form).
  • You have a full board.
  • Fresh drinking water is available during group sessions
  • Prices for coffee, tea, wine, and other drinks are really customer-friendly and coffee /tea can be bought for less than a euro at the bar.