About the Phoenix Fellowship

The Phoenix Fellowship was established in October 2019 by Nicole de Haas and Suzanne Tempel as an association for an international program on all aspects of mediumship, healing, personal development, and spiritual growth. Before the birth of the Phoenix Fellowship, an international program on mediumship and healing was already created and organized by Nicole at the Zwanenhof (a former spiritual center in Holland) where she worked as a medium, teacher, and organizer for over 10 years. To her, it was important that a program would continue elsewhere.

"Mediums are ordinary people who, by developing their unique and natural ability, are able to communicate with and/or to receive inspiration from the World of Spirit. Everyone is capable of having an experience with the Spirit World. Mediumship will help you to find your Souls expression and to understand oneself as a unique individual and ambassador for Spirit"


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Founder - Nicole de Haas

The Phoenix Fellowship, as a name, was given by the Spirit World as an association for people with an interest in mediumship, healing, consciousness development, and spiritual growth. Nicole and Suzanne already worked together for some years in the field of mediumship development and consciousness training. The Phoenix Fellowship is an initiative that unfolded naturally in time due to changes in circumstances.

"Without consciousness development your mediumship will not unfold to its full potential. For most things in life it's true that you need to know where you are in order to know what direction you should be heading. The same is true for consciousness development."


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Founder - Suzanne Tempel

The Phoenix symbolizes renewal, rebirth, and growth. Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes. A Fellowship, in essence, embraces the concept of community, communion, participation, sharing, learning and creating a place for people with an interest in what we have to offer. Whether you have an interest in mediumship, healing, consciousness development or other areas of personal and spiritual growth: The Phoenix Fellowship offers a range of possibilities for you to help you in your own unique journey as an ever-evolving human being on a journey of self-realisation.

We may gain intellectual understanding but that is not all in life. If we truly want to understand life, then we have to understand ourselves, our soul's purpose. The journey of self-realisation begins by remembering who you truly are. It encourages us to find that alignment in life, to experience who we really are instead of thinking to know who we are. We are a living and breathing expression of the Divine. And self-realisation is when the soul realizes itself as the One in every single moment in life. You are bringing your potential into being as an experience.

About the Founders

Nicole de Haas

My name is Nicole de Haas and I was born in Tiel. I am married and I adopted 3 beautiful children in 2002, 2005 and 2008. I grew up in the middle of Holland and moved to the East of the country in 2006. For almost 10 years I worked with children and adults in social welfare work and after that, for several years, I had my own practice as a natural health practitioner. The experience I gained during my previous activities is of extreme value for my work as a medium and teacher.

My interest in the spiritual and the mystical has always been present. As a child, I was always very sensitive and I felt a lot of things intuitively. In 2005 and 2006 I took a variety of intuition development courses and healing courses. These courses have helped me in my spiritual development and have formed a good base for my work and my further education as a medium. I am happy and I feel privileged that I, through mediumship, can form a bridge between the Spirit World and this world, which are in fact one.

My development

I have been developing my mediumship in an active way for over 15 years now. In my daily life, I became aware that I was able to communicate with the Spirit world and also experiences from my childhood started to make sense. I have visited the famous Arthur Findlay College many times for training. In August 2012 I acquired my CSNU for demonstrating mediumship and public speaking. In April 2015 I became an approved tutor at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted. I worked as a medium, tutor, and organizer at the Zwanenhof for over 10 years and since 2006 I have my own Centre for Mediumship and Healing. I started my development in healing and then moved into the area of mental mediumship. I did a lot of work in private sittings, demonstrating mediumship and teaching. Slowly trance and physical mediumship came in my life as a vital part of my development and work as a medium and teacher.

Suzanne Tempel

"In view of  misrepresentation in an American documentary on the subject of mediumship; Surviving Death - I am not a member of any circle - I am a Psychical researcher of many circles"

My name is Suzanne Tempel. I grew up in the north of Holland. I am married and live in the South of Holland. I was a professional dancer for one year before starting my education in Communication Sciences. After gaining my bachelor's, I held several jobs in businesses as a trainer, project and interim manager. I had my Masters in Customer Relationship Management and became a certified coach. For many years I worked as a tutor and coach in the field of personal development.

Today I am, next to a medium, an Awakened Mind Consciousness Trainer. Trained and educated to guide people to altered states of consciousness (higher and deeper states) with a scientific method developed by Professor Cade.

Since 2016, I am researching states of consciousness of mediums. I have measured hundreds of mediums from all over the world. One of the amazing things I have found I share in an interview (Click here). I also research the states of consciousness of physical mediums with EEG. This is an ongoing research and so far I was allowed to measure some of the best worldwide known mediums. But many developing mediums participated and still do. There are only a few Consciousness Trainers in the world who work with EEG and I am the only one who specializes in the altered states and development of mediums.

My development

In my teens, I had an experience where I went into, what I now would call, a higher state of consciousness. Back then I had no idea what had happened but I will never forget the experience.  The experience did not last long. Only a few minutes. But it has led to a lifelong interest in the human mind,  consciousness development, and the true Self. Because at that moment I realized and experienced that I was 'consciousness' and one with all.

Since 2010 I have been developing as a medium. I was trained at the Arthur Findley College. Since 2016 I worked with Nicole on some of the mediumship courses in the Zwanenhof. In 2018 I acquired my CSNU for demonstrating mediumship and public speaking. In fall 2019 I became an approved tutor with the SNU (CSNU(t)) and in 2020 I was approved as a trainee tutor at the Arthur Findlay College.