The Courses

Our aim is always to provide everyone with lessons at their own level of knowledge and understanding. To achieve this aim we have a short intake (depending on the type of course and course content) with each of the participants before placing them in groups according to their individual levels and needs. Once the groups have been formed we then link the most appropriate teachers to the various groups. It is, therefore, not possible to choose in advance for a particular teacher or to opt to only take part in, for example, a healing group. We do, however, take your wishes into account as much as possible.

The meditations, lectures, and tutorials will sometimes take place in a larger mixed level group, with a variety of teachers. At some courses, you can also book individual sessions with the teachers during the courses.


The names of the teachers are stated for each course. If due to unforeseen circumstances, a tutor has to cancel, we always make sure that we provide a qualitatively similar replacement. If due to group-size, a tutor has to be canceled, we always make sure that we provide a team of tutors by which the broadest possible range of qualities and specializations is represented. Thus each course will be presented by an enthusiastic and experienced team of tutors who strive for a relevant curriculum based on the experiences and needs of the attending participants.

Each tutor contributes to particular areas of special interest. Nevertheless, due to their extended experience in teaching, they all work with the same high-quality standards. Therefore you can be certain that within the course there is a broad range of knowledge of and experience.

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Courses on Mediumship

We have a varied and unique program whereby many aspects of mediumship can be practiced. There are groups of different levels of development and sometimes we choose to have mixed levels groups as everyone’s journey is unique.

The advised level of mediumship experience is mentioned for every course. If you have any doubts about your own level of experience you can contact us to discuss. Before the lessons commence you will be designated, after a brief interview, to the group which best suits your preference and experience. Each group consists of a maximum 16 participants.

The course tutors are all mediums who work on a high-quality international level and most of them have been working for years at the famous Arthur Findlay College in Stansted.

All courses are in English, but some courses will be translated into German and if there is a Dutch tutor on the week, then we are very willing to explain things in Dutch as well if something is not understood. Our experience is that even if you think your understanding of English is limited, everyone is there to help each other and often it is possible to practice in your own language.  You probably will amaze yourself!

Forms of Mediumship

In mental mediumship the medium is able to raise his/her vibration to be able to connect to the Spirit World as they bring their energy closer to the medium. A mental medium receives information through their Clair senses that we know as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, Clair sent (clear smelling), clairgustance (clear tasting), clairknowing. This information is not observable to others therefore it is subjective. It is important that the medium gives proof that there is contact with a loved one in Spirit.

In trance mediumship it is the Spirit World working with the medium in an altered state. The medium is in an altered state of consciousness, a more passive state than the normal awakened state. In trance mediumship (which is still mental mediumship because the Spirit World uses the mind of the medium), the Spirit World can control the mind of the medium. The level of control varies from inspired thought, conscious control, light trance to the deeper or even higher states. When there is control from the Spirit World there is always cooperation between the medium and the Spirit World. The Spirit World does not possess the medium in any way and there is only that blending of two minds and energy between the medium and the communicator in the Spirit World. There is a strong blending and interaction of mental and physical energies and consciousness between the medium and the Spirit World.

Physical mediumship is the process whereby a loved one in Spirit or a Spirit Helper is able to physically manifest within our world, within our vibration by using the capability of the medium. In physical mediumship, everyone present in the room will hear, feel or see the same physical phenomena at the same time. Also, the atmosphere in a séance room is emotionally charged. An objective experience like this, in combination with experiencing that love being shared from the Spirit World, makes it an experience that can be life-changing. Some examples of physical mediumship are direct voice, materialization, apports, and levitation. Physical mediumship is rare. Physical mediumship requires certain physiological elements within the medium. This is something that is there and cannot be developed if it is not there. For manifestation ectoplasm is used. It is a vital force, an extension of the life force of the medium. The pancreas plays a part in the production of ectoplasm. We all have this vital energy, but a physical medium is able to exude large amounts of ectoplasm so that the Spirit World can work with this substance and that is what makes a physical medium unique.

Healing mediumship is a form of healing whereby energy from the Spirit World is being used and transmitted through the mediumship of the healer to the client. This is possible when the healer puts his/her hands on the shoulders of the client, from a distance (the Spirit World is not dependent on time and place) or when the healer goes into a (light) altered state and there is no need to touch the client in the same room. Healing is passive, all you do is making yourself available for the Spirit World. Healing is the most important aspect in all facets of mediumship. Whether it is a healing that you receive, a private sitting, demonstration or séance. When the soul is touched, healing can take place.