2021 Program

We are happy to present the international course & retreat program 2021. We hope you will join us at one of these courses or retreats. We have wonderful, knowledgeable and experienced teachers who work with integrity and love for what they do. We also have courses in Dutch and German. You will find translations on the course pages. 

We use only the best venues and locations. There is a pick-up service available from Schiphol airport to the beautiful Estate 'Ehzerwold' where most courses will be held. When you fill in the subscription form you can let us know if you wish to use this service.

For all the information on that specific course, you click on the golden link in the text.

Forensic Mediumship and Paranormal investigation

“ The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing” (Albert Einstein)

Course organiser: Nicole de Haas

Tutors: Nicole de Haas & Rosita Belkadi

Have you ever wondered what the role of a medium involves when it comes to assisting the police with solving crimes? Or to help families of a missing loved one? Nicole and Rosita both have many years of experience as a medium and also with forensic mediumship.

Join Nicole and Rosita on this course where we uncover the mysteries of cold cases, missing persons to answer questions that sometimes can only be answered by those on the other side. This course will introduce you to forensic mediumship and allow you also to deepen this aspect of mediumship on the psychic and mediumistic level with integrity.

Nicole and Rosita will give you an understanding of this specialized work as well as insight in different (historical) cases. They will invite you to use your mediumship and psychic ability in this field as we offer you during this course a “murder mystery evening”.

Please have a look at the course page for more details and sign up possibility.

The sacred Temple within

"There is a light that shines throughout your being; it's the sacred light of consciousness itself. Once you have recognized yourself in that light; experimentally not theoretically, you realize the ultimate truth" (Suzanne Tempel)

Course organiser: Suzanne Tempel

Tutors: Suzanne Tempel

The sacred Temple within; Mediumship from that divine space

It was one of our great pioneers; the late Gordon Higginson who said: “Before you can touch the spirit, you must first find it within yourself. For all the truth, all knowledge and all loving must first be found within oneself."

How much time do we spend as mediums finding (or rather abiding in) the Temple within? The place where we can find Truth, Love and Knowledge? It is not a personal 'Love & Truth' Gordon was talking about. Once we have found this ‘place’ and we start to work from this ‘place’ with our mediumship, miracles will happen.

This one day workshop is especially designed to first help you find this sacred temple within and have you experience what a difference this makes in your mediumship. This day is a spiritual day. More so than a ‘mediumship training day’. But of course, working with your mediumship will part of the day.

This is not a beginner workshop. You must have had some prior experience with self development and private sittings.

 For more information and sign-up possibilities go to the course page.

Demonstrating Mediumship -The next Step

"When we reach out a hand in trust, a bridge of love can be built." (Silver Cloud)

Course organiser: David Schiesser

Tutors: David Schiesser and guest tutor

The proof lies within the detail, especially when we think of the subject of  Demonstrating Mediumship. In today’s world we have the privilege and liberty to demonstrate our belief, the belief into the Spirit world, and mediumistic skills very freely but does this mean we can just rest on what was earned in the past by our pioneers? I think we can’t. Mediumistic development is an ongoing process and will never stop, and why should it.

This weekend course is designed for students who wish to work on their mediumistic skills to enhance the detail within spirit communication but also on how perceived information is presented to the public. This weekend will give you the opportunity to stretch yourself within your mediumistic work and to leave your comfort zone in a safe and nurturing environment. This course is not suitable for beginners.

Please have a look at the course page for more details and sign up possibility.

The sacred journey of Trance mediumship  (German speaking)

*For English go to course page*

„Jede Reise beginnt mit dem 1. Schritt“ (Lao Tzu)

Course organiser: Spirit and Soul in Vienna / Austria

Tutors: Nicole de Haas

Bist Du auf der Suche nach der spirituellen Wahrheit? Hast Du ein offenes Herz und bist Du neugierig, mehr über Dich - als Individuum -, über die veränderten Bewusstseinszustände und auch über Trance mehr zu erfahren?

Diese zwei Tage sind für all jene interessant, die Ihre Trance-Medialität (weiter)entwickeln, ihre Verbindung mit dem Geist intensivieren und sich mit der Geistigen Welt stärker verbinden wollen.

Sei an diesem wunderbaren Wochenende mit Nicole dabei und gib ihr die Gelegenheit, die Reise durch die Welt des Geistes zu erleben und zu genießen. Nachdem Nicole jedem Teilnehmer ausreichend Aufmerksamkeit widmen möchte, gibt es eine beschränkte Teilnehmerzahl, die garantiert, dass jeder seinem Niveau entsprechend gefördert werden kann!

For more information and sign-up details please follow the link to the course page.

The wonders of Spirit & Mediumship

“Celebrate your Spirit within, as each step in the light and guidance of Spirit is a blessing for all.” (Silver Cloud)

Course organiser: Sally Barnes

Tutors: Sally Barnes, Libby Clark and guest tutors

Come and join us for a week of celebrating and exploring how the blending together of the incredible intelligence and wonders of the Spirit world and our mediumship can initiate and enhance the healing process for those in need; bringing peace, comfort, reassurance, encouragement and inspiration.

We will consider many different ways in which the Spirit world strive to help our world and the roles we take on as mediums, for example; psychic reading, colour and auragraphs, Spirit communication, inspiration and philosophy, animal communication, healing, altered states

Please have a look at the course page for more details and sign up possibility.

The Limitless power of Healing

“ The Soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the Mind” (Caroline Myss)

Course organiser: Nicole de Haas

Tutors: Nicole de Haas

Do you want to expand as a healing medium but don’t know where to go for further development? Are you open to learn and understand more about healing and the limitless possibilities? Do you want to challenge your present level and achieve a stronger connection with your spirit team with more effective results?

If you want to genuinely advance your healing abilities then this exciting workshop is for you! Learn how to deepen your connection to the spirit world and become an instrument for more powerful healing vibrations. This workshop is suitable for those who work as a healer or did already some training in trance and/or healing and have an understanding in the foundation of mediumistic healing. This is not a beginners workshop!

Please have a look at the course page for more details and sign up possibility.

The True Self; higher states of consciousness

"There is a light that shines beyond all things on earth, beyond us all, beyond the heavens, beyond the highest heavens. This is the light that shines in our heart. " (Chandoya Upanishad)

Course organiser: Suzanne Tempel

Tutors: Suzanne Tempel

Interested in higher states of consciousness? Read books about Guru’s and Yogi’s like Paramhansa Yogananda? Learned about meditation and how to reach (in theory) a higher state? Or wondered how it would feel like or be like to be in one of those higher states? Wondered about your mediumship and your state? But always thought that reaching a higher state was not for you? …

This day you will learn about the different higher states of consciousness. What the difference is with the deeper states like meditation. You will also learn how those states are connected to your mediumship. For many people this has been a huge eyeopener.

You will hear all the details on how to get in those states in a very practical way using the Awakened Mind Method. And of course, you will practice and experience under the watchful eye of Awakened Mind tutor and medium Suzanne.

Suzanne has been researching mediums and their states of consciousness for years. She is one of the very few Awakened Mind Trainers in the world and the only one specialized in the states of consciousness of mediums. Suzanne is an approved Trainee Tutor on the Arthur Findlay College.

If you are curious about those states this is a day not to be missed! It will enlighten you in more than one way.

Please have a look at the course page for more details and sign up possibility.

Family Day

"When we have each other we have everything” (Anonymous)

Event organiser: Nicole de Haas

Tutors: Libby Clark

After the success of some family days over the past years, it’s now time to offer this wonderful day at the astounding Ehzerwold Estate. This is a great opportunity for the whole family to spend a whole day in a spiritual environment, to cooperate and work together, in a unique and spiritual way.

Libby has a wealth of experience in working with families and children in this way and she is looking forward to this day in 2021. It will be a day full of activities for the whole family and everyone from 5-99 is welcome to join! A wonderful day of healing, love and joy to celebrate with your son, daughter, mother, father, cousins, nephew, nieces, grandparents or friends.

Everyone is participating and working together and it will be as always so much fun. Besides this there is of course space to allow your spiritual side to unfold. Feel welcome to join Libby on this amazing day!

Please have a look at the course page for more details and sign up possibility.

Explorations of the soul: altered states, trance and physical mediumship 2021

"Allow your heart to understand the language of the soul and experience the infinite possibilities of the reality of life." (Silver Cloud)

Course organiser: Nicole de Haas

Tutors: Nicole de Haas, Libby Clark and Suzanne Tempel

* This is such a special and popular week for many years that we have decided to offer it again in 2021 as many do come back for this subject.*

Are you a seeker of spiritual truth? Do you have an open mind and heart to learn more about yourself as an individual, about altered states, trance and physical mediumship? This course is for those who are interested in developing trance mediumship, have an interest in physical mediumship, or wish to find ways to strengthen their connection to Spirit and to blend closer with the Spirit World.

This week will be a week of exploration and experimenting. We will take a look at the conscious and subconscious mind, help you to understand and feel the dynamics of the power and we will take you into the field of trance healing and communication. Important to us is that we can guide and support you in finding that power of the soul that resides within you! Throughout the week there will be a dynamic program so that you will get the best from all the teachers to help you further in your development. The training is suitable for any level of development.

We are there for you to encourage and support you on your own personal journey.

Please have a look at the course page for more details and sign up possibility.

De Spirit vijf-daagse NL

" Walk on with hope in your heart, and you'll never walk alone!"

(Rodgers & Hammerstein)

Course organiser: Suzanne Tempel

Tutors: Suzanne Tempel & Rosita Belkadi

De Phoenix Fellowship biedt voor het eerst een Nederlandse cursus aan op gebied van mediamieke en psychic ontwikkeling. Neem die kans om met twee Nederlandse mediums en docenten aan de slag te gaan en je te laten helpen een volgende stap te maken in je ontwikkeling.

Gedurende deze vijf heerlijke dagen gaan we flink aan de slag met je mediumschap en is er oog voor jouw unieke weg. Wil je verder komen op dat pad? Wil je inzicht in wat jou helpt en wat niet in het werken met jouw mediumschap? Heb je behoefte aan steun, inzicht, advies en aanmoediging langs de kant? Dan is deze vijfdaagse voor jou!

Deze cursus is voor alle niveaus. Het geeft je de gelegenheid nieuwe dingen te ontdekken in je mediumschap en is Nederlands gesproken. Suzanne is in 2020 goedgekeurd als Trainee Tutor op het beroemde Arthur Findlay College en nodigt je van harte uit om deze Spirit vijfdaagse met haar te ‘lopen’!

Ga naar de cursuspagina voor meer informatie en aanmeldmogelijkheden.

Let op: deze cursus is van zondag t/m donderdag!

Awakening Your Mind - With Judith Pennington

“You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.” (Swami Vivekananda)

Course Organiser: Suzanne Tempel

Tutors: Suzanne Tempel and Judith Pennington

Are you curious about consciousness development and altered states? Do you want to know about 'out of body' experiences and remote viewing? Have you ever wondered about how to go to higher states of awareness? Do you have a curious mind and do you like the science behind mystic experiences? Do you want to practice with altered states and meditation?

Then this weekend is for you! This weekend Judith Pennington – founder of the Institute for the Awakened Mind – will join us and share her latest research findings (done at the Monroe Institute) and expertise on these subjects. Judith is the last assistant of the famous Anna Wise. Anna Wise was one of the most influential practitioners of instrument-assisted meditation in the world. Anna shared her discoveries and theories in her two books – The High Performance Mind and Awakening the Mind.

Of course, we will practice, meditate and experiment as well. Lectures, meditations, and workshops will be part of the weekend. Join us on this unique weekend! See the course page for more information.

The experimental Circle

"Each time we unite in a Circle as an instrument for the unseen world, the world heals a little more." (Nicole de Haas)

Course organiser: Nicole de Haas

Tutors: Nicole de Haas

After the success of this workshop for some years, Nicole is going to offer this workshop again but for first time in this way at Ehzerwold!

This day gives you the opportunity to sit in an Open Circle where we sit for the Spirit world and experience different expressions of working with the unseen world. Whether it is through inspiration, mental mediumship, trance communication or healing.

If you wish to join or create a circle for development yourself, then I can help you get started. For those who have a Circle and need advice for continuation, then this day is a great opportunity. You are very welcome to join this special day and Nicole will provide a trance session herself as a part of this day. Feel welcome!

Please have a look at the course page for more details and sign up possibility.

Event: Two demonstrations of José Medrado

"Allow my world to touch you as an instrument of love, creating the most beautiful painting which is life itself" (Silver Cloud)

NEW José Medrado comes to Ehzerwold!

Event organiser: Nicole de Haas

Demonstrator: José Medrado

On September 4th and 5th 2021, the special trance/physical medium José Medrado from Brazil will give two demonstrations of the wonderful work he does.

He works from the trance state and makes beautiful paintings in just a few minutes, with famous painters such as Van Gogh, Picasso, Renoir, Monet and others working through him.

The proceeds of the evenings will go to a good cause: the orphanage of Medrado in Brazil. The paintings will be auctioned on the spot the same evening. Sign up for a wonderful evening to witness a rare form of mediumship and for a fantastic cause!

Please have a look at the event page for more details and sign up possibility.

Sardinia -Italy- retreat

"If the Heart is in sorrow about the losses it has experienced, the Mind will rejoice in what it has found."(Sufi saying)

Course organiser: Suzanne Tempel

Tutors: Suzanne Tempel

This retreat is a week of Self-discovery, Self-healing, Spirituality and time for you!

The whole week, a beautiful monastery will be your home. A place with a breathtaking sea view and wonderful energy. During the week we also offer special excursions to archaeological spiritual places because Sardinia is known for the powerful and spiritual energy on the island.

The week is designed to have the best of both worlds. In the morning until lunch time there will be meditation, groupwork and training. The afternoons are off and is time for you to contemplate, go to the beach which is at walking distance, go sightseeing, hiking or anything you would like to do. The late afternoon, before dinner, will be groups again.

There are direct flights from different places in Europe and if you come from the US or Australia there is a direct connection from the airport in Rome, Italy.

Read more about this wonderful retreat and go to the page for the sign-up possibility.

Trance-Mentoren-Programm (German Speaking)

“The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.” (Steven Spielberg)

Course organiser: Spirit and Soul in Vienna -Austria

Tutors: Nicole de Haas

*for English language please go to course page*

Trance-Mentoren-Programm mit Nicole de Haas

Trance ist eine heilige Reise, eine Reise, die man in Gemeinschaft mit der Geistigen Welt genießt und schätzt.

Die Entwicklung der Trance ist auch einer der schwierigsten Bereiche der Medialität, da Zweifel, Mangel an Vertrauen und der Verstand im Weg stehen können. Nicole bietet ein einzigartiges Mentoren Programm an, bei dem sie Dich, in Deiner Entwicklung anleitet und unterstützt und Dir hilft, der/die Beste zu sein, der/die Du auf Deine einzigartige Art und Weise sein kannst.

Ein Programm mit 4 langen Wochenenden (4-Tages-Kurse) und 4 zusätzlichen Online- Einheiten, um miteinander in Kontakt zu bleiben und die jeweiligen Fortschritte beobachten zu können. Ein Zertifikat ist für all jene erhältlich, die das gesamte Mentoren Programm absolviert haben. Nicole ist für Dich da und freut sich, Dich auf Deiner persönlichen Reise zu begleiten, zu ermutigen und Dich zu unterstützen!

For more in depth information and sign-up information or translation in other languages go to the course page. 

Improve your mediumship and your private sittings

“Every moment in eternity of time, you have the power to change someones life.” (Silver Cloud)

Course organiser: Mia Ottoson

Tutors: Mia Ottoson & John Johnson and guest tutors

There are many ways to work as a medium but Mia wishes to take you into the area of private sittings as she feels this is the most important job you do as a medium.

It is in these moments where you bring confirmation, comfort, hope, healing and love through to your client. This 3 day course will focus on how to do private sittings with confidence and to meet the clients need without complicating things for yourself.

Mia and her team are looking forward to a hardworking long weekend with a lot of practice. Feel welcome!

Please have a look at the course page for more details and sign up possibility.

Colours of eternity

“ Colour can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways” (Oscar Wilde) 

Course organiser: Nicole de Haas

Tutors: Nicole de Haas & Mia Ottoson

This specialized course on colour is not only for those with an interest in using colour in mediumship and healing but also for those who wish to develop (further) their ability in psychic art in different ways under the watchful eye of Mia.

How exciting to experience and explore the possibilities of these living colours in different aspects of mediumship. We look at different ways in which colour can be used during the mediumistic communication and healing to add a depth and a new perspective to the communications with the Spirit World.

Come and join us on this wonderful course of discovery of colour.

Please have a look at the course page for more details and sign up possibility.

Trance and Physical experience 2021

“ Don’t expect the gifts of life to be given to you in the obvious way, but expect the unexpected with a heart of gratitude” (Silver Cloud)

Course organiser: Nicole de Haas

Tutors: Nicole de Haas, Martin Colclough and David Schiesser

*This wonderful and popular week is in Nicole’s program for many years now and again it will be offered in 2021 as it is a week not to be missed.*

This week will allow you to experience deeper levels of altered states.

During this week the main focus is on trance healing, trance speaking and experimental trance/physical work. You will gain a greater understanding of spirit communication in your own unique way and be able to develop trust. We will give insight into what happens during a trance state and how to enhance it. You will be guided to find and to maintain that unique and strong connection to Spirit and to deepen that relationship.

Come and join us on a great course not to be missed with the finest teachers in the field of trance and physical mediumship. We are there for you to encourage and support you on your own personal journey.

Please have a look at the course page for more details and sign up possibility.

The Healing Soul

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” (Mahatma Ghandi)

Course organiser: Nicole de Haas

Tutors: Nicole de Haas & Colin Bates

In celebration of Healing and the magical Christmas time, Nicole brings to you a wonderful weekend of exploring and developing the healing connection.

This unique course is about YOU as an ever-evolving human being. We will look at the best way for you to link to the Spirit World for the purpose of Healing in different aspects.

This weekend Nicole and her team will give you a lot of insight, practice and experience, but we will also sit for that power. Practice in spiritual healing, trance healing and experimental healing will be combined with personal development and Self-healing in your work with and for the Spirit World. Feel welcome!

Please have a look at the course page for more details and sign up possibility.