The limitless power of healing


Tutor: Nicole de Haas

Do you want to expand as a healing medium but don’t know where to go for further development? Are you open to learn and understand more about healing and the limitless possibilities?  Do you want to challenge your present level and achieve a stronger connection with your spirit team with more effective results? If you want to genuinely advance your healing abilities then this exciting workshop is for you!

Learn how to deepen your connection to the spirit world and become an instrument for more powerful healing vibrations. Emphasis will be placed on achieving deeper altered states of consciousness, a stronger level of control and communication with your healing team, moments of experimenting in different conditions with healing and allowing the spirit world to help us to develop as healer in the best possible way we can in a safe, constructive environment.

Nicole has extensive experience teaching mediumistic healing and works with her own Spirit doctors on all levels of healing, including trance healing. She also had some remarkable results with physical healing as a physical medium ( in the seance room). This workshop is suitable for those who work as a healer or did already some training in trance and/or healing and have an understanding in the foundation of mediumistic healing. This is not a beginners workshop!

Course: 9.30-18.00 hours

Extra's prior to the course

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  • Dinner

  • Night in Hotel

  • An initial deposit of 35 euros is needed to secure your place. After filling in the subscription form you will receive payment details.
  • Drinks at the bar are for your own account. There will be an unlimited supply of fresh water, coffee, and tea in the teaching room.