The Inspiration and Philosophy of the Spirit

Tutor: Nicole de Haas

Are you a philosopher? Do you sometimes get inspirational words and wish to explore that more? Do you like to expand and deepen the inspirational part of your mediumship in speaking and/or writing? Do you like to discuss and contemplate on spiritual subjects? Please join me then on this day of discovering that aspect within you in companionship with the Spirit World. Mediumship is not only about providing evidence of the Afterlife. Mediumship is a way of life, it is inspiration. It is a philosophy of Life as life is Spirit and Spirit is life.

Inspiration has an unusual meaning. It comes from the Latin inspiratus (meaning, to breathe into, inspire”) and in English has had the meaning “the drawing of air into the lungs” since the middle of the 16th century. This breathing sense is still in common use among doctors, as is expiration (“the act or process of releasing air from the lungs”). However, before inspiration was used to refer to breath it had a distinctly theological meaning in English, referring to a divine influence upon a person, from a divine source; this sense dates back to the early 14th century.

Philosophy is a way of thinking about the world, the universe, and society. It works by asking very basic questions about the nature of human thought, the nature of the universe, and the connections between them. The word philosophy means the study of proper behaviour, and the search for wisdom. The original meaning of the word philosophy comes from the Greek roots philo- meaning "love" and -sophos, or "wisdom., so it is about the love of wisdom.

There are many aspects of Spiritualist philosophy and teachings that can help us to understand all aspects of our lives. The Spirit world knows no religion but there is a vastness of inspiration and wisdom to be shared with our physical world. Inspiration does not only come from the world of Spirit. We should not underestimate the power of our own Soul and the wisdom that resides within us. But if we allow the inspiration and philosophy of the unseen world to touch this world and to enter our minds and hearts, then the soul is touched and a universal message is born. And that is what mediumship is about!

Course: 9.30-18.00 hours

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