2020 Program

Please have a look at the introduction of our international course & retreat program 2020. We hope you will join us at one of these courses or retreats. We have wonderful, knowledgeable and experienced teachers who work with integrity and love for what they do.

We use only the best venues and locations. There is a pick-up service available from Schiphol airport to the beautiful Estate 'Ehzerwold' where most courses will be held. When you fill in the subscription form you can let us know if you wish to use this service.

For all the information on that specific course, you click on the golden link in the text.


Course organiser: Nicole de Haas

Tutors: Nicole de Haas and Rosita Belkadi

Have you ever wondered what the role of a medium involves when it comes to assisting the police with solving crimes? Or to help families of a missing loved one? The tutors have many years of experience as a medium and also with forensic mediumship.

Join them on this course where we uncover the mysteries of cold cases, missing persons to answer questions that sometimes can only be  answered by those on the other side.

Curious? Please have a look at the course page for more details and sign up possibility.

The limitless power of healing

Course organiser and tutor: Nicole de Haas

Do you want to expand as a healing medium but don’t know where to go for further development? Are you open to learn and understand more about healing and the limitless possibilities?  Do you want to challenge your present level and achieve a stronger connection with your spirit team with more effective results? If you want to genuinely advance your healing abilities then this exciting workshop is for you!

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Retreat on sardinia

Tutors: Suzanne Tempel and Nicole de Haas will organize a retreat week of Self-discovery, Self-healing, Spirituality and time for you!

The whole week, a beautiful monastery will be your home. A place with a breathtaking sea view and wonderful energy. During the week we also offer special excursions to archeologic spiritual places because Sardinia is known for the powerful and spiritual energy on the island.

There are direct flights from different places in Europe and if you come from the US or Australia there is a direct connection from the airport in Rome, Italy.

Read more about this wonderful retreat and go to the page for the sign-up possibility.

Explorations of the Soul: altered states, trance and physical mediumship

Course organiser: Nicole de Haas

Tutors: Nicole de Haas, Libby Clark, Lynn Parker, Suzanne Tempel

Are you a seeker of spiritual truth? Do you have an open mind and heart to learn more about yourself as an individual, about altered states, trance and physical mediumship?

This course is for those who are interested in developing trance mediumship, have an interest in physical mediumship, or wish to find ways to strengthen their connection to Spirit and to blend closer with the Spirit World. Development of altered states and trance will help you in all aspects of spiritual development and growth and will raise your standards of mediumship. Also we will take a look at the various aspects of physical mediumship.

Please have a look at the course page for more details and sign up possibility.

The Circle and Séance room

Course organiser: Nicole de Haas

Tutors: Nicole de Haas, Libby Clark

This is your chance to learn more about the Home Circle and to be in touch directly with people in the Spirit World.

You will see how the room is prepared, there is attention for safety and roles in the Circle and you will see how the sitters become a crucial part of the energy and how important the Circle is as a whole. Being a Circle member yourself you will be shown how to create the ideal environment and conditions for the best possible opportunity to obtain direct  communication with the Spirit World through trance and physical mediumship.

Please have a look at the course page for more details and sign up possibility.

Awakening your Mind - Weekend with judith pennington

Course organiser: Suzanne Tempel

Tutors: Suzanne Tempel, Judith Pennington

Are you curious about consciousness development and altered states? Do you want to know about 'out of body' experiences and remote viewing? Have you ever wondered about how to go to higher states of awareness? Do you have a curious mind and do you like the science behind mystic experiences? Do you want to practice with altered states and meditation? Then this weekend is for you!

This weekend Judith Pennington founder of the Institute for the Awakened Mind will join us and share her research findings (done at the Monroe Institute) and expertise on these subjects. Of course, we will experiment, practice, meditate and learn about the altered states of consciousness as well. Also, Judith will share the stories of her experience with Anna Wise. Lectures, meditations, and workshops will be part of the weekend.

Don't miss this opportunity! Have a look at the course page for more information.

A journey of Self discovery

Course organiser: Suzanne Tempel

Tutors: Suzanne Tempel, Libby Clark

Do you need more confidence? Are you ready to let go of old patterns, convictions, emotions or memories? Is something blocking you in life or in your mediumship in any way but you have no idea what? Whether you are a working medium, a healer, a student in one of these fields or interested in getting to higher states of consciousness or to know your ‘potential’ Self better, this course might be for you!

The focus of the ‘discovery and practice’ is on self-empowerment, self-healing, self-confidence, and a deeper understanding of the ‘energetic dynamics’ of YOU! We will explore your subconscious with you and give you the opportunity to let go of old habits, patterns, and convictions. This week a lecture and workshops will be organized in each group concerning consciousness development and different states of consciousness (such as Trance, the Awakened Mind, and the Meditative State) and how we can train those states by making the subconscious conscious.

Curious? Please have a look at the course page for more details and the sign-up possibility.

Mediumship: A Spiritual Quest - German translated week

Course organiser: Nicole de Haas

Tutors: Nicole de Haas and Sally Barnes

Are you ready to explore the infinite possibilities of the Spirit World and discover your own unique potential in several aspects of mediumship? We are all on an eternal journey and you can always open up to more of who you are. If we recognize and acknowledge that amazing soul that we truly are, we can celebrate our mediumship that is part of our life’s journey.

Many people in this world are searching for a greater understanding of mediumship and the reality of life after life, not only to find answers but also to build that relationship with the Spirit World and their own Spirit. In this course you will have the opportunity to discover and strengthen your relationship with the Spirit World, building your confidence and learning how to enhance your power.

For more information on this wonderful course go to the course page.

Für mehr informatzion (Deutsch) können Sie zu die Kurs gehen.

Colours of Eternity

Course organiser: Nicole de Haas

Tutors: Nicole de Haas and Colin Bates

Our world is a party of colour and all cultures are influenced by colour. In nature we see colours and we as human beings absorb the complete colour spectrum. Colours work deeply within, on every level. 

In this course we explore and experience several aspects within the field of mediumship, healing and mysticism in working with colour.  We look at different ways in which colour can be used during the mediumistic communication to add a depth and a new perspective to the communications with the Spirit World.

Do you want to join us? Please have a look at the course page for more details and sign up possibility.

The Inspiration and Philosophy of the Spirit

Course organiser and tutor: Nicole de Haas

Are you a philosopher? Do you sometimes get inspirational words and wish to explore that more? Do you like to expand and deepen the inspirational part of your mediumship in speaking and/or writing? Do you like to discuss and contemplate on spiritual subjects?

Please join me then on this day of discovering that aspect within you in companionship with the Spirit World. Mediumship is not only about providing evidence of the Afterlife. Mediumship is a way of life, it is inspiration. It is a philosophy of Life as life is Spirit and Spirit is life.

For more information on this day course please go to the course page.

Trance and Physical Experience

Course organiser: Nicole de Haas

Tutors: Nicole de Haas, Libby Clark, Sally Barnes and Martin Colclough

This week will allow you to experience deeper levels of altered states. During this week the main focus is on trance healing and trance speaking. We will also explore, receive insight and experience into the various forms of physical mediumship and we will experiment in different seance conditions.  

This week gives you also the opportunity to explore and experience the world of Spiritual Photography. Also various trance demonstrations and experimental trance/physical work will be part of the program during the week.

Come and join us on a great course not to be missed with the finest teachers in the field of trance and physical mediumship. Please have a look at the course page for more details and sign up possibility.