The Phoenix Fellowship

** Important announcement  **
The Phoenix Fellowship as an initiative and cooperation will stop after the last course in December 2021. Both Nicole de Haas and Suzanne Tempel will continue with their own programs and courses.
The 2021 program as stated on the website remains bookable and active until this it’s last course.
For Nicole’s program of 2022 we refer to Nicole’s website:
For Suzanne’s program of 2022 we refer to Suzanne’s website:

The Phoenix Fellowship was established in October 2019 by Nicole de Haas and Suzanne Tempel as an association for an international program on all aspects of spiritual growth, mediumship, healing, and personal development.

The Phoenix symbolizes renewal, rebirth, and growth. Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes. A fellowship in essence to us embraces the concept of community, communion, participation, sharing, learning and creating opportunities for people with an interest in mediumship, healing, consciousness development or other areas of personal and spiritual growth:

The Phoenix Fellowship provides a wide variety of courses based on spiritual growth and personal development to help you as a unique individual, an ever-evolving human being on a journey of self-realization.

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Courses on Mediumship and spiritual growth

We have a varied and unique program whereby many aspects of mediumship can be practiced. There are beginners, intermediate and experienced participants in mediumship. Some groups are mixed level.

To participate in Mediumship courses you don’t necessarily need to have the ambition of becoming a medium. Participating in the lessons will bring you closer to your own strength and help you to become a more complete person.

The course teachers are all mediums who work on a high-quality international level and most of them have been working for years at the famous Arthur Findlay College in Stansted. The language, used throughout the courses, is English. Some courses will be translated, like the German week.

Program 2020
Program 2021

Courses and retreats on Self development and spiritual growth

We also provide courses on consciousness development and self-realization. We work with the most knowledgeable teachers in their field. From Awakened Mind Training, Mindfulness to personal development and Self Healing. All teachers in this field also have a background in psychology and/or coaching. We believe that spiritual growth and self-realization go hand in hand with personal development.

Program 2020
Program 2021

The venues and locations

On the international program, we have several courses with different venues and locations. In Holland, we have the lovely Ehzerwold Estate and in Italy, the retreat will be in a beautiful monastery. If you are curious about the venues please have a look on the page and click the button below.

About the venues & locations